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The Ethos of AEGIS

Mission statement:
At AEGIS we recognize that each adult is unique, valuable and has their own individual story. We are committed to facilitating the development of each adultís individual educational and personal career and learning path.
Equality of opportunity to access second chance education. Each adult has the right to access opportunities that serve to advance themselves, second-chance education provides scaffolding to enhance further development.
Enabling the adult to select a career or educational path of his or her own choosing. This facilitates the adult to freely explore career options and educational paths that will create greater variety of options
Respect and Acceptance. Everyone has the right to be treated with dignity and respect, accepted as they are and given the opportunity to grow to their full potential. Diversity is to be valued
Quality. Everyone who accesses AEGIS has the right to expect a service of quality, where choices are explored, information is accurate and accessible and that standards of professionalism are adhered to.
Accountability and Openness. AEGIS recognises its accountability to clients and to its service support network. We aspire to demonstrate openness and professionalism is aspects of the work of the service.

Staff & Qualifications

Today AEGIS has a full-time staff of two, Carmel Hoolan, Guidance Co-ordinator and Mary Connell, Information Officer.
Carmel Hoolan: BA Theology, H.Dip Ed, H.Dip GC
Mary Connell: BSc Communications., H.Dip Arts, (ADEGC)


In 2000 the Department of Education and Science launched the first Phase of the Adult Educational Guidance (AEG) Initiative. This initiative arose as a result of needs identified in The White Paper- Learning for Life (DES, 2000). This proposed the creation of national network of adult educational guidance services to provide career and educational guidance and information to adults participating in adult and further education.

Over the past eight years a total of forty such services have been created on a national basis.

AEGIS, the Adult Educational Guidance & information Service for Co. Laois was established in July 2001 under Phase II of the AEG Initiative. The service opened its doors on the 3rd September 2001 in its offices at 2, Meehan Court Portlaoise.
Portlaoise Adult Education Centre, Tower Hill, Portlaoise
Phone / Fax: 057 - 8672963
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